Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The 4 hour swim

Yesterday I had the intention of swimming just 5k but it ended up being much more than that.

After swimming I set out on a CX ride thru the elk lake trails, up to ross-durance road where I plunged down the Gowland-Tod Provincial Park McKenzie Bight trail. This trail leads down to a small scale delta that looks across finlayson arm. Once you get down there it almost looks like a fjord. On a side note, this past weekend victoria had a storm pass thru like most of western canada. As a result this trail was litter with leftover snow, windfall and a network of overflowing creeks cris-crossing the trail.

Once down at the bight I had a plan to look at a loop which I thought would be a serious work out with some huge climbing. Well once into the loop I began hiking my bike more than i was riding it. I was getting frustrated with the tough conditions and the pelting rain and wind. When i finally got to the top of the hike and got back on and began riding when i reached a "lake" on the trail. I was fed up with walking it so i gunned it not realizing how deep this sucker was. The water kept rising as i mashed thru it. Then i must of hit a submerge boulder or something cause next thing i knew I was sent ass over tea kettle into "the lake". I remember looking back at my bike and only seeing a handlebar poking up out of the water.

At this point I had had enough I was entirely soaked head to toe. Now I'm not easily flustered and don't usually make it verbal but at that point i let loose the biggest bellow curse of my life.

I finished the ride and actually some taunting sun come out as i neared the parking lot.

yup, thats how she goes.


stevo said...

"Ricky, that's just how she goes."

-Ray, (TPB)

epic dude.

Wolfman said...

Amazing loaf. Simply amazing. This story combined with your picture has had me laughing for the last 5 minutes. Well done sir. Let me know if Silver Star is a possibility.

var said...

dude, your "beard" makes you look omish or something like there a stash there or what?