Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New Stuff

This year will be a great year for our squad, If i was a betting man and if you could bet on triathlon (maybe you can?) I have a hunch that i might do alright. Everyone has come back from the holidays with focus for the preparation up to our first race in Mexico.

Many things are happening fast around here:

- Island running series begins next week.

- Possible ITu winter triathlon (run/bike/skate ski) Feb 9th

- Tuscon training camp arrangements

- UVic testing

- Nordic skiing trips

When you get a lot on your it helps the winter months fly by. Winter is a great time, i really enjoy the wet rides and no sunlight, but summer is where it all comes to shine and my skin turns from ghost white to less ghost white.

May check out the trails in and around Royal Roads tomorrow.


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Paul Krochak said...

Dude, your ski trip sounds narly!! I'm actually gonna put money on you this year so you gotta help me out by winning races (and keeping Guido, my booky off my ass). Thanks for the tip on the Bazen Bay race...sounds like you guys have a good group again this year. Good luck to all of you