Monday, January 14, 2008


What have i been up to?

After getting back from christmas and new year we've had a couple of transition weeks to get ourselves back the fitness that drowned in the gravy over the holidays. Why is it that the hard things in life always remain hard? THe fitness goes in a week and it takes double that to get it back.

THis week was my first real week of running. We ran 5-6 times finishing off on Sunday with our first run race for the year. More to come a little later. Swimming this week i found to be tough, but no doubt beneficial. An introduction to open water swimming had PK set up some bouys in the long course pool. 2km of bouy swimming goes by quick, as your constantly having to think and strategise. One set that killed me this week was 12x200m in draft packs of 3 on 3:00. Our group held 2:25-2:28 but in no major thanks to me. I was cooked after about 4, but had the luxury of scotty and sharkie to pull me thru it. On the last one once i touched the wall all I wanted to do was get out and lay on the deck, so that is what i did.

Mr. McMahon took steve and I on a cross ride earlier this week that was...well...tough. Technically the ride was challenging from the very start. I thought i pulled a tendon in my arm after the first 5mins because i was squeezing the brakes so hard and for so long.

Sunday marked the pioneer 8km in saanichton. Good running weather and a lot of people out for this run. Our group all ran very well for so early in the year. But i think one big shout out has to be made to my man stevo. Being the humble guy he is, he didn't elaborate on his site (see link on right side) how great a run he had. So i will do the honours...

Steve ran thru 5km in a PB, well technically a PB but the previous PB was outdated to "the new" stevo. He then carried on to cruise to a 25:37 for 8km on a rolling course. Pretty fast dude, but what also needs to be mentioned is that Stevo hung in with Olympic Hopefull Steve Osadiuk until the last 400m sticking with him stride for stride. Guess what though, this is just a hint of whats to come. I think, and you heard it hear first, ladies and gents, that Steve Kilshaw will have some healthy results in '08 and by heathly i mean sick. That's right a word and the opposite of that word having the same meaning in this context. That's gotta be a new term for the grammar books.

Another grind week until the weekend and then some recovery to follow.

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