Saturday, January 26, 2008

Training du Jour

Here is a recap of this weeks training:

Last weekend the old seniors went up to Kerry Spearings Cabin in whistler for some nordic skiing and kickback action. We got to ski on the olympic trails for 2010, very impressive. The same day there was a BC nordic Cup race going on. After having PK plead our case for a late entry we were denied and had to settle on just watching. One day though we will get into a race, that would make us quadrathletes, yes!

After returning to Victoria, we had tues-thurs as regeneration time. This meant reduced volume and intensity. Swims tues-thur were 4 to 4.5 km of smooth medium effort, runs were short, one roller ride thrown in and a good yoga session. Come Friday it was back to the full menu. Friday was a 5.5km swimm with a tough draft set of 3x(2x300m) in groups of 2-3. I find these sets much tougher than doing it solo because you are forced to go fast, or you look like a fool getting dropped. A good 2h15 ride with stevo in hartland followed by an interval run at UVic.

Patrick has introduced track running to the group this year. We ran a warmup as 15' base, 15' tempo1. Stretching drills and strides and then into the workout of:

2x1km (3:06,2:57)
4x400m (1:12,1:08,1:07,1:04)

The idea is to add a 1km each week.

Today another 5km swim with the main set being a bouy swim of 3x600m. Then the fun began as Brent took steve and I on another epic cx ride basically everywhere and anywhere. We rode 4h30 with a tim hortons break near the end. I survived that was the important thing. 15min run off the bike to loosen the legs and start the bike/run adaptation.

Tomorrow i believe we have a steady state run, weights and maybe a little rowing erg TT to spice things up.

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