Saturday, March 15, 2008

The hangover

Tucson training was going well up until yesterday. See thursday marked our first attempt at riding Mt.Lemmon, 27miles, 7000+ft gain. After a short swim in the moring we rolled out to the base where we met everyone else. We started off in a big group, but it took only a couple miles until the group had splintered. At mile 6 i would say stevo took over and went to work. By mile 8 or so stevo had dropped everyone else but AP and I. If not for my new cramerotti scuro i don't know if i would have been able to hang on to his wheel. The bike climbs very well. At 18mile it was stevo and I. I thought oh no he is going to attack any time now, but i think he let up on me. The last 2 miles up to ski valley was definitley the toughest. The climb took right on 2hrs. Stevo doesn't have a power meter but i worked it out that he was probably averaging 320 Watts for the 2hrs.

The climb is engineered perfectly for a rocking descent. No brakes required as you lean into the corners and hammer on the straights. Looking back on this day i think the descent is what did me in. Instead of enjoying the ride down i hammered it as hard as i could.

When we got back to the house for a 30min run off the bike i was started to bonk. We refueled and headed out. The run felt good on the last 15'.

That night though i was in for some hurting. My hay fever allergies combined with a fever made fro a long night. Yesterday was much of the same. Now that i've got some good drugs things are a little better.

Once i get back to 100% i'll be ready for Lemmon again.

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