Monday, June 23, 2008

It could happen to you

Today was just a spank-beautifull day in Victoria. SUmmer is here now and i feel safe enough to the leave the house for a ride without packing arm warmers and knee warmers. This morning I slept past my alarm which was set to 6am to get out to elk lake and cheer my teammate Steve Kilshaw on at the New Balance Half-Iron. I still made it out to support but arrived just after T1.

While waiting for the return from the bike I did my long run around the lake as 6k warmup, 8k Steady, 4k Fartlek, 2k Cool Down. I was then back to see Stevo come off the 90k bike and out onto the run. Great race Steve you were the rookie in the field and put in a solid result (4:05!!)

Just before dinner i headed out for an ez ride by the water, but I was presented with a situation that i had previously talked about here. Thats right an encounter with two wheel huggers. I saw them turn off of Cooke as i went by and knew immediatley they would try to latch on. It wasn't long before i heard them chatting behing me and freewheeling to their hearts delight. First chance to drop them came at King George hill. One fell off but the other remained. Thru Oak bay he was still there although the breathing was getting heavier. With the help of some auto-pacing I managed to get him off the wheel. Thinking they would give up I relaxed and went back to my ez ride. But not too long after the two come by heaving and hoeing, the one says allez, allez, allez. This went on thru caddy bay but thankfully when we got to ash street we went different directions and they no longer had the freeride...

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