Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caleb Pike and Training

Yesterday and Today have been some solid days in the books

Tuesday had a hard swim set in the pool as 8x(100 on 1:15 / 50 on :50). This set was deceiving as the 50 offered no time to slack and fully recover. Good set i think for improving lactate capacity and buffering. Then we had a new look to cycling as we went to the velodrome for some steady state riding, motorpacing and 1km TT Pursuits. Scotty official has the record for 1km for a stationary start at 1:23. Stevo was not in attendance so I'm sorry Scotty but i think that record will fall in only a matter of time. To finish the day we had a hill tempo run at cedar hill as 1loop WU, 2 loops tempo, 1 loop CD.

Today was an OW swim in Thetis with a big island TT (15:28 with wetsuit). An easy run in the trails around the lake followed. Yoga at commonwealth was late afternoon followed right after with a crit at caleb pike. The ride out there was interesting. We left a little late, got detoured around by the Queen of Xterra, and then had to tempo it along hilly Munn's Road to make it too the start with 3minutes to spare. Race was 20 laps of probably 3km, long crit, like 90'. I raced A group with the goal of finishing in the mix. First lap, psssssssss, front flat, ok lets make this a duathlon. I ran back to the start, fix the flat and hop back in the next lap. This crit is different than Mt. Newton with more emphasis on cornering skills, short sprinting and power climbing. I stayed with the group and finished the crit in the mix, pat on the back.

Tomorrow is a lighter recovery day then the weekend should be some more intensity.

I'm happy to announce that i will get a chance to race in europe this july in 3 world cups. Thats saying i make it the 2nd and 3rd without getting destroyed in the first.

July 5th Hamburg, Ger
July 13th Tiszaujvaros, Hun
July 20th Kitzbuhel, Aut

I will post while over there and keep you all updated.


Kris Loshack said...

Hey man, it was good to meet you too. Good luck in those world cups this July.

Wolfman said...

Loafer... congrats on the European races coming up... that's going to be awesome. I'm guessing that means you're not coming to New York?

Andrew Russell's Blog said...

Sorry Wolfman no dice for New York, but it will be done someday.