Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wasa Race Report

Last Sunday under beautifull clear skies the BC Championships were held in Wasa Lake, BC, a provincial park just north of Cranbrook.

I made the drive up on Friday thru the south Okanagan and west kootenays. It is a long drive but breathtaking, especially with nice weather. From Vancouver Osoyoos works out to be almost exactly half way so i made a stop there for a short fartlek run. The remainder of the drive is where you have to watch like a hawk for deer. There are so many deer between castelgar and cranbrook i was on edge the entire time. Keeps you awake though which is nice.

Saturday was a day of a light swim and bike with kerry at the race site. I've done this race 4 times now and every year it gets better. This year the capper was the nice weather, mid 20's and clear. Wasa is at 3700 feet, so it is nice to have 1day to adapt from sea level.

The Race


Got out to a good start and got right on what i thought were Jordan Brydens feet. After the first bouy though i saw that this guy had a different wetsuit than Jordan. An ironman wetsuit...hmmmmm...uh oh is this Tom Evans? Oh geesh this is going to good, my whole race plans were changing by the stroke now. Out of the first lap and onto the second I challenged Tom and took the lead into the first bouy. I couldn't hold it though and he resumed the raines coming out first with Jordan and right behind.

Had a good T1 and get right at it on the bike. Tom should be coming by pretty quick here.....ok maybe he had troubles in T1....ok maybe he got a flat. I rode the bike agressively and hard keeping a good high cadence. The course is very flat so it is very important to keep as aero as possible. Coming into T2 i felt ready to run.

Run was good with nice rhythm and leg speed. They added a trail section to the course this year which i liked but made comparisons to last years time a little skewed. I finished up in 1st with a 1:50 clocking.

I later found out that it wasn't Tom Evans racing but Jon Bird who lead the swim. Good swim man.

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