Wednesday, July 02, 2008


A friend commented recently how McDonalds has totally changed their marketing strategy. Maybe because he did a marketing degree is how he noticed this but he bang on. Gone are the days of Ronald, Grimmace, the fry kids and best of all Hamburgerler. Is that what a thief is called here in Hamburg?

I Arrived in Hamburg late Monday night and had a great first impression with the city. Midnight and i am dragging around my bike box getting lost. The streets are quiet but i felt as safe as could be. There just isnt the same intimidation factor of the german goth guy wearing an iron maiden shirt at midnight as there is in Canada. I continued to get lost until asking a middle aged women for directions, i gave in. She was having a little trouble reading my map so she said to just come with her and she will drive me there. We squeeze the bike box into her car and set out. It took a little while but she was one of the nicest persons i have come accross, let alone at this time of hour.

The last few days ive had a look around and done some running and swimming at the schimmhalle. Some nice facilities here. Hotel is great within walking distance to everything and clean.

I cant wait for this race, i feel very prepared having a great week of training prior to leaving. A good big island TT, good crit, and some good brick running out in Sidney, JP pushing me to the max on the last k. :49 thats Gomez speed dude, well just that he averages that over the entire 10k. Getting there.

If i can figure out how to load up some pictures somewhere ill do it soon.


Alex Coates said...

Yay! Sounds so cool. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you have the Hamburgler figurine? Or am I getting them confused with the Sesame Street ones?
Best of luck this weekend bro.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew it is Keith Wilson.

Good job with your racing it sounds like you are on your way up. Hopefully you can join my wife (Catharine) at the olympics in 2012.

Quick question for you, do you have a contact name for sponsorship from RMR?

Give me an email if my email adress, or you can contact Catharine through her blog

Quick question for you, do you have a con

Paul Krochak said...

Kick some ass this weekend brother. We'll be watching you online!!