Friday, May 15, 2009

Sooner Boomer!

Wednesday night's arrival was interesting....on the flight from denver to OKC we hit some bad weather. It was sleeting, thunder/lighting and tornadoes in OKC so we had to circle around in a holding pattern for a while. Then the captain was going to land in Dallas if things didn't clear up quickly. Luckily in the end we landed in 1am. AP and I then got the rental car and navigated to the homestay without directions which we forget to write down. We got here though and the homestay is great, about 20miles south of OKC in a nice town called Norman. A Couple, Christian is 36 and works as an architect, his wife (Alicia) is a nurse. Both are competing in the age group race Sunday. He (Christian) was a collegiate swimmer at Cal and once swam a 15:15 mile. Ap and I have been offering copious amounts of $$ to him to take our chip for the swim.

Oklahoma is similar in landscape to southern Ontario. It reminds me a lot of the Claedon/Brampton area. Flat to rolling hills, with quite a variety of vegetation.

THe race course itself is well different...The swim venue is in the Colorado river. Little current but very murky. When you dive in it feels like someone has turned out the lights. The swim to bike transition is quite funky with a lot of U-turns. The bike is quite bumpy, and has some narrow sections. Flat for the most part with one gradual up-hill. It circles the state capital buildings which will give something to look at. The run course looks fairly straight forward but again is on a narrow foot path, which might be interesting if there is a large group coming off the bike.

Should be a fast one on Saturday with a lot of good competition. Many of the top south american's however have not showed up, being denied visa's etc.

Today AP and I are trying out our homestays cowboy engineered endless pool. Maybe i'll post a video later.

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