Saturday, July 25, 2009

Knee for Sale

The day after racing in San Francisco I did a run in Golden Gate Park before departing for Victoria. WHile on the run I began to feel some knee pain in my left knee. This has happened before but it usually shakes itself out. This time however I had to stop and walk it off. I hobbled back to Serge's appartment (Thanks very much Serge for the great hook up and city tour). I felt it would pass and things would be fine but after attempting a ride the day after arriving home I realized the severity of this injury. The pain was too much..

Since then I have been having a lot various types of treatment on it from many helpful therapists and doctors in Victoria. It is beginning to improve but still has some time before I can resume regular training. No time is perfect for an injury but I think this is as close as it gets for me. There is not a lot of racing for me at this time and perhaps this break will serve me well later in the season. I will however not race in Calgary 70.3 next weekend, it is out of the question. Instead attention will paid to getting this knee working properly again and focusing on Kelowna.

My season after Kelowna also remains questionable. Initially I thought of racing ND Olympics and a 70.3 but with this injury I am hesitant to ride my TT bike. I think I rode it too often and too long at first and brought on anatomical changes to my lower body to quickly.

Swimming however is gonna quite well at the moment, I am logging great mileage and feeling great. Tomorrow I will swim a 3k Open WAter race for Multiple Sclerosis .

One activity on the bike which I think I could handle is the BierBike, what a great idea, bringing together two great passtimes into one! Unfortunately i don't think it would ever fly in North America.

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