Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Running for Economy

After a good start to 2010 with a solid 3 week camp I took last week as a recovery for the first half and then built in to the weekend. Now we are starting another good 3-week block that should build on the fitness attained in Maui.

It was great to see everyone again at swimming. A lot of fast swimming done today during the 12x100's. In the afternoon Phil set up a measured mile loop at beacon hill where we ran a threshold set in the sun.

Yesterday i did my second attempt at an Economy test on the treadmill at PISE. Designed to determine your energy zones, this test went a lot better than the first time i ran it before christmas. 3x5' pace descending with 1' recovery. I ran the test in my Saucony Type A3's which just seem to float me along. The woodway treadmills at PISE are to die for, as in good but the price tag would kill you.

Am really enjoying Coach Phil and the training with the group. Good start to a great year for all!

Photo Credit: A.McCartney


Kamal Rae said...

that looks like fun...haha. Those Woodways are $$$$$$...I looked at them for about 5 seconds when I was getting a tready for the house.

Mike Russell said...

So what were the results of your test?