Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There is fit and then there is CROSS FIT (Retro-Active)

I did this post up back in December and kept trying to add the video i took. Finally i got the video to load so here it is.

On Wednesday I did my first strength session for the season with the group, lead by CSCP strength coach Cam Birtwell. Near the end of the session he got talking about a event he was doing on Saturday; A cross-fit event in Esquilmalt. I have seen cross-fit on youtube but I thought i would check it out in person.

So after swimming today I headed over to have a peek. I wasn't sure of the exact location but as I turned on to the street it was on I could already here something in the distance... The noises got louder and louder as I followed my ear to the door. I rolled my bike in the door to a boisterous crowd with Rob Zombie being pumped to the max. It had a fight club atmosphere that was filled with testosterone and estrogen, making the air thick and heavy. What I saw before me where people being pushed beyond their limits in a profound entertaining way. As I watched the competitors I had constant waves of goosebumps and shivers hit me. This stuff was CRAZY!!!!!!

Relating on a multi-sport level I found it very entertaining. To watch them scream, collapse, and get back up and do it again brought an uncontrollable smile to my face. These people were just as crazy as I as a triathlete, and that made me happy.

The final stage was a 3X circuit where the advanced men did a 275lb deadlift followed by a complete rings pull up to extension 12 reps each then 9 then 6. I tried one of these ring pull ups in the gym the next session and I couldn't do ONE! The women did a 135 lb deadlift? then chinups then ring tricep extension x12,x9,x6.

There was no weight class. The exercises are designed for a mix of weight bearing and non weight bearing to give no real advantage to a particular weight.

It certainly made our triathlete strength session look like a 2k ez swim.

Have a look:

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Cam Birtwell said...

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for posting up that video... one of the slower paced workouts but on those muscle ups (the ring exercise) if you can't get one, you're forced to rest!

Great write up too. You see some amazing "crash and burns" in these competitions as 90% of the challenges are completely new to the competitors. There is no set pacing as you really don't know what to expect, so most of us hit it hard and try to hang on!!

Next offseason we'll get you to try some classic crossfit workouts, should be fun :)