Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Generations

Nothing beats trying out a new pair of shoes for the first time. And when those first steps in the shoes are at 3'/k pace it feels even better....

At todays brick I got to have a rip in some fresh Saucony Type A4's. This is the new race flat for 2010 from Saucony. I have raced in three generations of their Flat (A2,A3,A4) and have seen the shoe progress to what it is now.

The A4 has some improvements that i found add to its overall performance. The heel cup has two added pads that fit nicely on either side of the achilles making for a great fit. The heel cushioning is thinner, this i like as I feel it promotes a better mid-strike. The grip on the shoe is the best array i've seen on a flat on the mid to fore foot. Add a bunch of drainage holes (so important for hot and sock-less triathlon) throughout the sole and you have a nice all round package for a flat.


Been a believer for 3 generations A2,A4,A3

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