Monday, May 17, 2010

Travel Bombs

First introduced to this recipe by my Sister, as she is always looking out for my calorie intake, I have begun to consistently travel to races with 'Travel Bombs'

I'll often find myself in a jam on the plane these days as free food is non-existent and sometimes the 1hr drive from the airport to the hotel can be agony. This is where having a couple of these in my carry-on can be the difference between feeling good and having my stomach digest itself.

I just made a batch of these 10mins ago. The recipe is from the White Water Cooks - at home Book with an adjusted title.

1 C Sunflower seeds
1C Sesame seeds
1C Rolled Oats
1C Choc Chips
1C Raisins
1C Dried Cranberries
1/2C Cocoa
1/4C Cinnamon
2C Peanut Butter
1/2C Honey
1C Coconut toasted

Makes 26 golf ball size

Simply put everything in a big bowl, mix, roll into small bombs and roll in coconut.

I was interested to see how many calories get packed into one of these guys, so I went onto FitDay.

Per Ball:

300 Cals as: Fat (51%) Carbs (40%) Protein (9%) % by calories

18g Fat, 33g Carbo, 8g Protein

At a avg. Volume of 4.19 cubic inches these boys pack 72 cals per cubic inch.

Bomb Silo

When baggage security asks you what the hell is that? Tell em they're the BOMB!


Krista DuChene said...

Sounds great and RD-approved! Thanks for sharing! I have a delicious recipe for granola (my aunt's actually), which calls for similar ingredients. I will definitely make these "bombs". Will be good for the drive to Ottawa...with a 2 and 4 yr old!
Oh, and welcome to Eload! Great products, great company. I often recovery smoothiesd (milk, banana, chocolate emend, peanut butter, ice cube).

Nick Gottfried said...

So good. Got me a couple doz in the fridge chillin. Rock in Scotland.

Leif Baradoy said...

I made these tonight and plan to take a few down with me to Mexico. Thanks for the easy recipe. I think I'll take a pass on the choc chips next time though . . . these things are already so good and sweet.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to hear the caloric value of the bombs as now I can't justify scarfing them down anymore. I don't have to worry so much about my caloric intake, more my most people who have more than 6% body fat.