Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tartan Tripping

On Wednesday I'll hop aboard an Air Transat flight from Vancouver and, permitted we can find some holes in the Icelandic VOG, travel over to Glasgow, Scotland to race in the Strathclyde ITU European Cup May 23rd.

Long way to go for race you say, so why would I? Something new, something exciting, challenging course, challenging field, cheaper than Ixtapa (believe it or not), and an overall good excuse to visit my land of birth.

The winter in Scotland has been harsh. As a result the water temperatures are quite frigid and the swim may be shortened to accommodate, we will see. Yesterday a few of us hoped into Thetis lake with Phil and Jasper following in the kayak, warmer than usual for this time of year.

Our training has been ticking along with a good four week block that Phil has challenged us with. The progression seen in similar workouts, has been encouraging.

After the race i'll have two days to do some lighter training all the while checking out Glasgow and the Ayrshire Coast.

I haven't been as excited for a race like this in a while. Off WE GO!!

Studying up on my Glaswegian (have to watch it on youtube)

Song to travel with

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