Thursday, December 02, 2010

Retro is Cool

Have been watching a bunch of the old grand prix videos recently. This particular race is quite good. Format was run/bike/swim!

They started with a 2k run that had a lead group a 6 form including stewart, welch, macca, bevan. On to the bike, Macca gets a flat tire and 2 guys are dropped, including Brad Bevan.......but then the 4th element comes into play, well i won't ruin it. Enjoy!


Josh Amberger said...

Why did they actually stop this series? :( :( :(

A-Russ said...

ya, don't know. Imagine the draw of having one of these say the weekend before Mooloolaba?

It's coming back in the states though next year....I predict an Aussie invasion:)