Thursday, June 29, 2006

East is East

arrived out east and have settled in with my homestays. Great family. The dad sells fitness equipment and high performance testing for hockey players. Two kids one 11 one 15. The mum i'm not sure what she does cause i've only seen her once since i arrived for 5mins.
A nice running trail runs right outside there house and beautifull rolly riding around in this area. Erin is the town near caledon and brampton.

yesterday, went for an easy run on the trail with 15wu 25 mins mid-tempo followed by 10cd. the trail smelt like dill pickles, quite good to run to.

got the bike reassembled and out of the box and went riding for an easy 1hr30. It is a farming communinty so tons of small roads and not too much traffic.

went down to look at the swim course last night but we were too late to swim. today we'll get there in time.

then the dad drove around with me for what seemed like ages showing all sorts of different bike routes around Erin. super-enthusiast with sports i tell ya.

next update probably tomorrow after the race meeting.

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