Friday, June 30, 2006

Speedy the Dragon

Brandon reminded me that i left one important member of the family out in the last blog. Speedy is his pet bearded dragon and no one messes with him.

Got a good look at the swim course last night and tonight. One big loop in a spring fed quarry pond. there are a lot of those around here. This one is clean and tastes like chalk.

Went to the briefing afterwards and got sign in etc...we did get lost looking for the place though.

Got in a short spin on the way the home and got in just in time before the acid rain started to fall. suffered a few minor burns but nuttin serious.

the mens field is looking deep 60+ elites including whitfield and courtney atkinson from aus. they're televising the event and it will be on tsn in a couple weeks. #39 will be me hopefully not too far behind.

tomorrow in the relay and my host family is in it so i'll be out cheering and watching it.

Next blog wiill be after the race with some good news.

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