Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Life Afloat

I'm moved my domesile from luxurious Victoria appartment onto a sailboat for a couple weeks. My friend Marty, where i was staying, has some family visiting. LIfe on the boat is pretty simple I eat, I read, I sleep. SO i try not to spend all my time there, the pub has its time as well. Its fine for me though, as i am just the right height that i don't need to duck in it. THinking i may venture out with the dingy try catching some dinner one day. Nothing better then some fresh fresh fish right mum!

Training has pick up this week after a regeneration last week. We ran an 8km road run race on the weekend in Saanich. Pretty good effort for early early season. I set a PB with 26:29 (3:19/km). Had some underwater footage of my swimming Monday this week. Great training tool, you see all your weaknesses and realize that you aren't as sound a swimmer as you thought.

Today is a three workout day. Swim in the morning of 5.3 km, 50min Base Run just finished, and a bike workout this afternoon. IN between its eat as much as i can and grab a nap.

My work has fitted into my training schedule nicely. I work Mondays and THursdays, which are usually our low effort days.

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