Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Warrior

This weekend was a big work load. Let me begin:

After a Friday morning swim and bike along the waterfront Julien and I did some grunt work on Mt Douglas. Hill repeats of a nature i had never done before. 3 X ( :30, :60, :90s) with double recovery. The goal was to mark where you made it at 30s and then for the 60s interval you had to pass your first mark before 30s. Likewise for the 90s you had to pass your 30 and 60 mark before the alotted time. The second and third rounds were a chance to improve on your previous round marks. Tough but all worth it.

Saturdays morning ride was awesome! In the end 5 of us tackled some back rodes near metchosin that were relentless with hills. Some very nice country out there i had never seen. Then in the afternoon i was off to UVIC to partake in a sodium study a masters student is doing on sweat rate. Did my VO2/Max Power test on the bike and signed my life away to testing. wont know my results till after the study, but i will know my sweat rate at 30-35C which will be usefull for summer racing hydration needs.

Today, 4 of us ran the Mill Bay 10k. Went good for all the work done this week. full results on and i'll try posting a video clip on here soon. Now i'm off for a long pool session. Boy am i gonna relax tomorrow at work with a day off. Thats if Jim (boss) doesn't have you fixing everything around the docks.

all for now.

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