Friday, January 26, 2007


I have discovered a new tasty snack that I was very surprised I enjoyed.

Take a thick piece of Rye bread and smear it with minced garlic. NOt too much but enough that it gives you a little kick in the pants. THen chop up some anchoives and cilantro together and spread over bread. It is delicious!

Anchoives used to be my hate all and dread all. MOstly due to I grew up watching TMNT cartoons and they swore by no achoives on their pizza, so i had to follow suit. I still don't like them on pizzas but with this snack there is none better.

Triple threat workout today. 5.5km of swimming this morning: did have a great feel for the water but felt efficient and no fatigue. After Steve and I went for a ride thru Saanich. Easy spinning with one good observation noted. These veteran plates that are now popping up on cars aren't all that they seem. After almost getting back into by a veteran plate geezer about half way thru our ride it is agreed upon that Veteran Plates show respect but also allow other drivers to spot deteriating drivers. Its like an old persons N or L you know. THe government always has it sneaky ways of doing its business.

This afternoon are some hill repeats at Mt. Doug which I have quickly grown a liking to for running. THis weekend I may run a 10Km at Mill Bay but will make the call tonight or tomorrow.

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