Sunday, October 14, 2007

Moose Transplant

Moose Transplant

Yesterday I went for a bike ride from Revelstoke. One of my favourite routes is down Highway 23 south. Great rolling ride with some good climbing as well. About half way thru i spotted a female moose on the edge of a swamp just off the road. Beautifull creature and quite a hunk of beast.

That got me thinking.....what i need for next year is a moose muscle transplant. What better way to boost my power on the bike than a slab of moose muscle added to my match-stick quads and while your at it throw some on my glutes as well. Grade A Canadian Moose, its gotta be legal.

Boy was i tried after the ride.

Drove down to Victoria this morning and got in a run around Elk Lake this afternoon.

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Wolfman said...


I'm pretty sure Doctor Nick is the leading authority on moose to human muscle transplants. You should look him up, I believe you can find him in Springfield.