Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So yesterday I went for an oil change. I wish i knew how to change my own oil cause i think i got ripped right off at this place. The mechanic lured me into putting premium oil into the car thru making me feel guilty about neglecting my car. Reminded me of a Seinfield episode where Jerry's mechanic does the same and eventually kidnaps Jerry's car.

Anyways the mechanic also was trying to get me to have my transmission fluid changed and to have somesort of extra cleaning done. I declined, he persisted with the guilt trip but i stood strong and said no thanks. I remember seeing his expression he wasn't happy with me. I just wanted to get out of there as fast as i could, who knows what there doing under your car. Anyways today i go down to my car and i have a flat tire! I tried changing it but as is the usual case the tire is ceased on to the drum. So I do the patented Russell family move of putting the wheel bolts just loosely on and preceed to drive around hoping it loosens. Nope! Then i pumped it up and realized it held air alright, slow leak. I am convinced the mechanic did this, out of spite or whathaveyou he put a slow leak in my tire to get me back for not blowing $200 bucks at his shop.

On a more positive note last weekend the BC cross country championships were held in victoria. I didn't race but watched instead. With all the racing I do i've forgotten what its like to be a spectator. For this race it was awesome. A lot of fast running and good battles.

I think my first run may be as a part of a relay around Thetis Lake on rememberance day. later in November there is a swimming hell week planned...

Patrick has organized some Yoga for us which we just had today. Last year i didn't go to the yoga sessions, but this year i think i will continue to go. THe body is noticeable limber and relaxed after, well so far anyways.

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