Sunday, October 07, 2007

Turkey for me and Turkey for you...lets eat some turkey in a big brown shoe.

The smell of turkey is filling the house, not long before a feast with the one and only Turkey Lurkey draped with bacon, deeeelish.

Last night I started to watch the canucks game against calgary but went out after the 1st period. So just before i went out i thought i'd tape the game and watch it later. Our tv is funny in that you have to have the tv on and on the channel your taping the whole time so i left the tv on wasting power, but we've got a massive hydro dam up the columbia here eh, so powers not a problem.

I made sure when i was out that no one told me the score or I saw a tv that had highlights. A word of advice, when your taping something don't let people know that, otherwise they'll go out of the their way to deliberately tell you the score. So i kept the taping secret and it worked leaks about the game.

This morning i remembered that i had taped the game and still didn't know the result so i put it on. What-a-game! That is some good early season puck. 3-1 canucks only to have calgary come back to tie it in the 3rd. Into OT and a PP for the worry..kill it off and then a break away by kesler but he's stoned by kipper. Then with 45s left in OT out of nowhere the screen goes tape starts to rewind....noooooooooooooooo the end of the tape!

What luck, turns out 40s later sedin wins it for em....geeeez!

Enjoy your turkey and wine everyone.

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