Sunday, October 21, 2007

What an off-season

Well, most professional sports have a 3-4 month offseason where they relax and get fat. Not triathlon folks, try 3 weeks of offseason. I did manage to gain 10lbs in those three weeks though so it was enjoyable.

The other day I was looking back to where i was a year ago. See last year after racing the summer I took 2 or 3 weeks off totally...did nothing athletic. Then at the end of those 3 weeks i did one hard run and then entered into a ridiculous cross country run in Kelowna. Not only did i blow up and drop out from the race, but i also cramped up for days afterward just out of the blue. This year however i am one year older, one year wiser and have a coach to keep me on track. During my break i did some light swimming to keep the body active but no hard efforts. This makes the transition back to training volumes much easier...and no racing for a while!

This week I swam 5 times cycled 3 and ran 3. Next week will be similar and then I'll get into the full program. There will be big swimming volume coming up soon, i think i heard 35k/week possibilties.

It's great to be back with my teammates training again!

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Wolfman said...

Good luck on the upcoming season next year Loaf. Enjoy the training this year and make your legs strong like ox.