Monday, November 05, 2007

Gorgeous Gorge

Is it November? Really, cause today I was sure it felt like May. What a beautifull day here in Victoria. Days like this when i am at work down in the Harbour I don't think I could anywhere more beautifull. Right on the water watching aircraft landing/taking off, the Johnson street bridge opening for tugs hauling huge piles of gravel or even houses sometimes. Seals swimming around the docks chasing schools of fish and the Coho manuervering ever so carefully in the tight channel.

Here are some photos of two gorgeous planes that came in today. The first is a regular Kenmore flight and the second was a chartered amphib plane.

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stevo said...

beauty day indeed. in all these year's i don't think i've seen the johnson street bridge up. funny.
oh yeah, those are some sweet look'n planes.