Friday, November 02, 2007

Some TT's

Today at swimming we had two time trial efforts on the board. 100m Fr and 400Kick.

Both went fairly well i think. Out in a 30.0 back in a 32.4 for the 100 and the kick went off in a 7:53 LCM. The last two days have been 5.5k in the pool and the shoulders are now saying ok we are ready for the heat, bring it on.

I am house/dog sitting once again for Joel, national team coach, up near christmas hill in victoria. Napolean, a chiwahwah, is a fury ball of excitement and intensity. We are just back from a walk where we encountered many dogs. Napolean not so good with other dogs so i had to either pick him up or keep him in tight with the leash. If you could cross the furociousness of napolean with a big dog like a german sheppard you would have one hell of a police dog.

I'll see if i can't get some photos of him up here soon.

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var said...

is napolean going to become your mascot?