Friday, November 09, 2007

Water Immersion

Steve and I were talking the other day about swimming. More specifically how you feel in the water day to day. Swimming is the sport I've found to be very finicky in how you feel, some days its awesome other days you're in the gutter.

What I have found out this last year swimming is that for me there are two levels to my swimming. "In the gutter" and "In the penthouse". There is no inbetween for me and often the switch from the gutter to the penthouse occurs in seconds...weird.

To get from the gutter to the penthouse requires a spark. Something to turn the switch on. This could be someone beside you who is pushing you in a set, or just a great set that you enjoy. THat's why it is best to swim in a group. Not only is it more enjoyable but your teammates help you along by pushing you. WHen swimming on your own I've found that the whole workout is either in the gutter or in the penthouse. Usually by yourself you need a good hard set with fast pace times to get you up the elevator to the lofty suite.


stevo said...

Dude, I like it. That graphic is right on. I think there is no better way to describe it. You had better get a patent before some big shot uses it in a technique video.

Anonymous said...

Can this work the other way? Like, do you ever fall from the penthouse to the gutter? I guess that would involve 'hitting the wall'.


wolfman said...

DIBS!! No backsies.