Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scottish Sense and the beginning of cyclocross

I've been trying to switch my summers wheels to winter the last couple days but have found them incredibly hard to get off. The VW wheel design is a tight fit to begin with and then the added corrosion/oxides that build up make it harder to get off each year. I almost gave in today to taking them to a garage, but when i was quoted with $60-70 to do it my scottish blood kicked in and i became determined to get them off.

In the end what worked to a great display of onlookers was a sledgehammer and a 2x4. The combination of hitting the 2x4 up against the outer perimeter of the wheel did the trick. Our group heads up to Mt.Washington this weekend for some alpine sports and hot tubbing.

Last weekend I bought a cyclocross bike from oak bay bikes. I've had a couple of good rides on it this week getting dirty and building leg strength. It's funny how riding a bike with slighter bigger tires, more tread, and bigger clearance brings out a lot of macho in you. Anything seems possible and a sense of invicibility rides thru your veins. A couple of tim allen grunts here and there make the rides very enjoyable. It must be the same feeling guys get when jacking up pickups with monster truck wheels.

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