Friday, February 01, 2008

The Troops

Here goes another anology:

group swimming and an army

Lets see, it begins with the colonels (Neil and patrick) scheming the plan of attack in the late hours over a few pints....oh yes we'll punish them here, make them attack here, no rest for the weak.

Come the day of reckoning the colonels yell out the workout/strategy to the troops. Find your arms and legs here, go thru your drills here, swoop in for a few short attacks here and then here the main rumble gets it on! The main set is the battle, you against the pool in a sense.

When it comes to undertaking the colonels orders the troops go in waves. The front line attacks first as a united three, reinforcements follow with the second, and then third rows as they pummel the enemy (pool).

After the storm subsides the troops cool their heads and back to the barracks until the next day to battle.

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