Monday, August 11, 2008

8 Gold?

The Olympics have started with a real bang this time around. The opening ceremonies were incredible and the events have been just that as well. Cancelera was so strong in the mens cycling road race I wanted him to win with the amount of work he put in, but to still grab 3rd was impressive.

Phelps won the 400m IM decidedly but last night the mens 4x100m relay was up. The french had a body length on the US with 50m to go and I thought the 8 gold wasn't gonna happen but lochte (edit Lezak) came back on the french in what was one of the most exciting finishes i've ever seen in swimming.

And phelps has been down-playing the whole 8 gold thing, but with this picture i think it is safe to say he was fired up to have the dream kept alive....


Daniel Wells said...

Hey A Russ,

Lochte didn't even swim the prelims of the relay.

Jason Lezak was the guy who split 46.06 to mow down Bernard.

A-Russ said...

yup i blew it on that one