Friday, August 01, 2008

Sir David Bowie

So europeans are supposed to be all healthier and less obese than us North Americans. They don't consume the fastfood trans fats and howcome i went there and gained 10 pounds?

Yup, on Monday i weighed myself at the pool and bingo bamo im 10lbs out of race shape......ah guhhhhh?!

So i thought about it for awhile and started to piece together how these 10lbs came to be.

As soon as i was over there i found myself incredibly hungry. In the night and day i would eat....i think the natural cycle of eating was so engrained in my system that i had to maintain it and then also eat according to the new time zone. So this went on for awhile, but then continued right thru the trip as bigger meals, especially breakfast.

Here is what breakfast usually entailed. Sometimes i'd have a small breakfast first thing like orange juice, muesli with yougurt and a banana before swimming 3k in the early am. But every day i would have the following, taking full advantage of the buffet breakfast:

3 bowls of muesli with full cream yogurt and honey
2 hard boiled eggs
6 pieces of rye bread with a combination of nutella, jam, speck (smoked ham), and or gouda, edam or swiss cheese
Herbal Tea
Orange Juice

yes this is making more sense now.....

Lunch was nothing unusual, but dinner got out of hand i guess a couple of times. I ate so much fatty pork over there I now have another similarity with talking like Porky the Pig...

Kerry with one of our Hungarian Dinners

So with that in mind i've got two more weeks to shed this 10lb dumbell or that kelowna hill is going to be even harder than i remember. As for now it is on to the David Bowie 70's Diet of Red Peppers and Milk.

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