Monday, August 25, 2008

Kelowna Canadian Championships Report

For the last two years I have had some brilliant sections to my race in Kelowna but the overall result has been disappointing.

Last year I had a great swim, got dropped on the bike, and then ran my best 10k (low 33).

This year I had an even better swim, awesome bike, then ran a horrible 10k.

Lets Recap.

I had a great start on the beach, the start line wasn't fair for everyone and as a result the right side, which i was on, got a straighter line to the first bouy 250m out. After coming out at 750m i was hanging on the back end of the front group including Daniel Wells, Kalen Darling, Sean Bechtel, John Dalhz and Brent McMahon. I continued to hang in there until about 1200m when i got gapped. Coming out after 1500m i was on the heels of my teammate Scotty Dagnall, who im sure would have lead out the swim had he not had the worst starting spot.

Scott, myself and Matt Seymour had 15s to make up on McMahon's group but the three of us were no match for that group and we ended up getting swallowed up by the next chase grp of 10 or so on the 2nd lap. It took that grp of now 13 four more laps to reel in the leaders, they were working hard.

Cycling has been a focus for me ever since i got it handed to me last year at this race and I saw the rewards in this race. I felt very strong throughout the whole ride and the climbs were no longer an area of concern. i could climb well and even had some attacks up my suit.

Near the end of the ride i felt a slight stomach cramp, but it was minor. On to the run the cramp flared up significantly. NOT GOOD.

By halfway in the run i had dropped right back to back of the group i came off the bike with. Not longer than 5k though the cramp subsided and i started to find a rhythm. By this time though it was way too late, and my late surge would not catch anyone. Crossing the line, i was down on the result but knew in the back of my mind that with the strong swim/bike i have made a good jump up from last year and some day the run will come together.

This week has been a rebuild into steady training as my season is not quite over. At the moment I am in my stomping grounds of Revelstoke enjoying some cooler weather, feels like good old fall.

On the weekend Im headed to Calgary to fly over to Europe AGAIN!

Sept 7 Kedzierzyn Kozle, Poland
Sept 13 Vienna, Austria
Sept 27 Lorient, France (pending selection)

I'm looking forward to this trip as i will be based out of my Aunts in London throughout. My sister will be over there at the same time as well to show off her Husband Tim to all of the family who couldn't make it to Canada for their wedding last May. Tim, it may say you are married on your certificate, but until the brits approve you better make sure you can stomach the Haggis and bitter.

Another update to follow later this week.

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