Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back on Track

First track workout on the year for the group went down today at Tucson high just off the UofA campus. Nice track, especially for an inner city school. Twelve quarters on short rest. Great run for everyone as an introduction to some speedwork. AP and AMac nice running guys.

Yesterday we rode the shootout ride. About 100k in 2:45. THe pace was quite good at some parts, but no grey wolf...must be den dwelling at the moment. 50min run off the bike which felt pretty good and then we hit the road for Phoenix.

WOW! Nice city. THe hockey rink and the football stadium are side by side. The football stadium dwarfs the rink in comparison but the rink has a great sort of village surrounding it that makes showing up early for the game very entertaining. My camera battery died after one photo, go figure. THe game itself was dismal for the nucks...2 own goals made for a 5-1 shelling....BUT check out the cbc highlights here. At about 2:28 who makes an appearance? None other than yours truly and co.

2 weeks till 70.3 Oceanside

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