Sunday, March 01, 2009

How many Kids would it take?

After seeing the movie Snowday a while back I have had this discussion with a few people in regards to how many kids it would take to overpower an adult. See, at the end of the movie the snowplow driver (bad guy) is overthrown by school kids, about a dozen or so. I have maintained the attitude that there is no way 12 kids could out muscle a full grown adult and have them succumb to their mercy.

Well this past week I personally got to experience the wrath of a dozen gr.3'ers. It was the last day of coaching this particular swim school group (Pacific Christian Elementary). When I arrived on deck they kept telling me that I was getting pushed in on this last day. Hmmm...' this is the perfect opportunity to test out the Snowday corundum.'

Conclusion: Positive. The kids surrounded me and made short work of getting me in that water whether I wanted to or not. I really tried to prevent it to test the theory but I really was at their mercy. It felt like I was being pushed around by Andre the Giant or something. This set the theme for a pretty relaxed practice to finish off a great time with this bunch!

Post push in, a few things came to mind. I suppose I never took into account gr.3 math and the law's of addition and subtraction. If you add up all 24 little biceps and subtract my 2 biceps you would get a net positive kid bicep's, which were responsible for pushing me in.

Last weekend I went up to Whistler with Marty and Jordan for the 31st Whistler Loppett. It was a 30km skate race and it was my second time doing this event. I love it, good challenging course, competitive skiers, good kids event, and a great wrap up lunch at the Nicholas North Golf Course. The conditions were pretty sloppy, which on the second lap got 2 decent crashes out of me, but not as spectacular as last years. I felt quite a bit stronger on the skis this year and was able to beat a few of the familiar faces from last year. Great weekend, thanks to the Allards and Marty for taking me up, feeding me and having a bed for me at the Tantalus.

The end of this week marked the end of a great 3-week block of training at the centre. By wednesday's tempo run we were all ready for some regeneration over the weekend. This block has been focused on strength gains in all sports from band swimming to hill riding and running to strength work in the gym. Once getting into the strength program routine in the gym I really find it to be a great addition to the overall program.

So This week is back to a build with the Bazan Bay 5k run on the weekend. Then next week, Mar 11th, I depart for a TriCan training camp down in Tucson for 3 weeks. At the end of this camp I am excited to race my first 1/2 iron, California 70.3, in Oceanside, CA. The race will work well as it is close to Tucson and should finish off a great camp full of hard work.

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