Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three memorable rides

The past couple days here in Tucson has been highlighted by three great rides.

The first was on saturday starting at 7am by the university. The shootout group ride rolled out with about 30-40 riders but probably doubled in size during the first 30' as riders joined up. By 45' in the pace had picked up and the pack was stringing out. I felt very good and moved to the front to do some work. The work was fun and having teammates up their to work with made the 100k go by quicker than an hour on the trainer. Simon took the first hill sprint, kyle was right up in the mix for the second hill sprint and I was able to get 4th in the city limit flat sprint. No grey wolf sightings but perhaps this weekend.

Monday I put on my TT extensions and do some steady state riding at the base of mt.lemmon. At the beginning of the month I had my bike position fitted by Noa Deutsch of PT Performance. She did a great job of fitting my road bike for both ITU and 70.3 racing. The Retul technology she used gave more optimizing feedback, instant feedback, than imaginable. I feel more powerful, fluid and comfortable climbing, time trialing, and sprinting than ever before. Getting back to the steady ride, i felt like a vulture as I circled lemmon's base. Not having climbed it to that point in the camp I was looking forward to taking on the 26miles asap.

So today on the schedule was Mt. Lemmon. From synder and catalina hwy to bear canyon (12.5miles) we did a mass start TT. Climbing right off the bat i felt good and ACDC gotvthe blood flowing. At some points though I think the blood was flowing a bit too much to my legs in fact as I almost took kyle out with a dive bomb swerve. I continued to not think straight when simon, kyle and I reached the the 12.5 finish. I was convinced it was another mile or so up. Nope, my brain was just in sleep mode due to the lack of blood as i just mentioned.

AP has returned to Ontario so we are one less in the house. It was sad to see him go as he was a great teammate and a handy sports almanac to have when watching march madness or any sport to that matter. No worries though, we will see him in a couple weeks back in Victoria.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love the grey wolf - us wolf folk have to stick together! Lovin the updates Loaf - keep me in the loop if you're ever coming down to NY.