Sunday, March 11, 2007

Beating the Bloc

Today was a great day. I ran very well at the Bazan Bay 5k, but more importantly figured out mentally how to motivate myself during races. Beating the mental bloc as to say

I don't remember how it came to me but I know now that it is what will fuel me for racing this summer. There comes a point in any race, for any sport i would assume, that the mind tells the body to relax and or give in to the stress being inflicted on it. This was a problem for me last year especially during some of the bigger triathlons i did. On the run I would feel so bogged and basically gave in to the stress and ran conservatively so as not to make it worse. As well i would get really deflated after someone passed me and would not make the effort to hang on.

Now though i think i may have discovered my mental motivation. For me it is 4 words...."THIS IS NOT PAIN". I said that to myself about 2/3's of the way thru the 5k today, right around where the legs seem to gain 10lbs and the breathing rate increases. Then flashed before my mind came up REAL scenarios of pain. Like my neighbour who is medically blind and is basically restricted to walking up and down his driveway...up and down. Or losing a loved one due to Cancer. Or in the process of losing a loved one like my mum. THAT is REAL pain! This athletic stuff is nothing compared to that.

As for the race, like i said i ran well. Surprised myself and even my coaches. They didn't even actually see me go by. Off the start one group of 5 or so established a gap and then a second group that i got into (4or5) seperated ourselves from the main group. I sat in with this group until the turnaround where i picked it up along with a couple others. Still feeling strong i picked it up more.. and more.. Coming into the last corner, a runner who on most days is better than I, was about 10 ft ahead. A smile stretched accross my face cause i knew i could take this sucker. On the last stretch I broke into everything i had. As i came by he responded a bit...I then redlined it and put him out for the count.

15:43 for 5km

very good result to build upon in the early season here.

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Paul Krochak said...

It'a amazing what a few key words can do for the mind. sounds like you're really coming into form mate!!