Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I bet I can make you whistle

With the age of i-pods, mp3 and whatnot the art of whistling I feel is on a rapid decline. Why whistle when you can put on your earbuds and groove. Well whistling is fun and i feel essential to a healthy lifestyle. If you can't whistle...learn! and if you want to sharpen up those rusty whistling skills then check this song out..you'll be back in the whistling prime in no time.

From Wednesday last week to Sunday just past i was up at Mt. Washington coaching a couple of Revelstoke Ski Racers at the K2 Provincial Championships. What a blast, Riley and Alex both skied their hearts out and made me very proud to be their coach. Barb and Barb, thanks for the great cuisine, you kept me full at all times and were great at keeping us all on time. Both Riley and Alex had several top ten finishes and will be most certainly attending the Whistler Cup this april which is a great accomplishment!!! My highlight of the weekend was seeing both of them receive their awards sunday after the combined. Two kids from a small hill (not for long), small town sticking it to the best of clubs and racers from the coast. Great to see!
Now up at Mt.Washington i got some running in. I think they thought i was a bit coo koo running so early in the morning and riding my bike in the living room. I am a little crazy, i think every triathlete is though so i don't feel so bad.

This week is the last full on hard week before a recovery week. Bazan Bay is this sunday where all the big gun will be flying. Very pumped for that race. Just received a new pair of running flats from Brooks and they are light (<6 oz.)

In the pool today we swam 5km with a main set of :

2X ( (8X50 on :45) 100easy, (4x100 on 1:25) 200 easy))

good set, held 35 to 36 on the 50's and 1:11's on the 100's at a high stroke rate.

Two runs followed that and some big meals. Met up with Mhairi (sister) and Tim (fiance) who are in Victoria visting before a dental conference in Vancouver. They are being married in late May in Revelstoke.

I must go, i haven't watched a full canucks game in probable two months, what with living on the boat and being busy. Its like i've had my child taken away from me.

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Wolfman said...

Hey Loaf

That young folks song is awesome. Good luck in the race on Sunday. Too bad you can't make it into town this weekend, Kyle is back.
PS... sweet shoes.