Saturday, March 31, 2007


I will use the word monster a lot of times in this post. Not to take away from the greatness of the centuries top monsters like wolfman, dracula, frankenstein or that parking ticket officer who watches the parking meters on Douglas street, but i think monster describes this week best cause monsters are usually big and this week was big as in volume

A couple of really monster days this week. Actually in general the whole week was monster, but here are the highlights...

Tuesday was swim and double run day. The second run was quite hard with 4x2km at tempo. These sessions are going to really start hurting Patrick says as we pick up the intensity for race season. He has told us to mentally prepare for the hurt that these tuesdays will bring.

Wednesday.... monster....whoa wednesday. This was the most i've ever done in one day! 6km swim in the early am followed by an immediate 2hr hilly base ride. Then the afternoon ride came which was scheduled for 2hrs but ended up being 3 and a half. The afternoon ride was a lot of climbing with 5x9min hill repeats! I died on the last two and struggled up. We reckon the climbing done that day in total was close to 6000ft. Not expecting that overtime ride I ran out of food and had to stop twice on my way home to refuel. That was very close to an 8 hour day, just like a day at work eh.

Today, Saturday was another monster. We rode up to Shawnigan Lake and back for close to 4 hours followed by a transition run of 30'. This ride was pretty action packed with crashes and very close calls due to debris on the roads. In the end everything came out of it alright and a few of us devoured fish and chips at willows beach to regain all the calories. The weather cooperated enough for me to get out on my race bike today, which felt new again under my butt.

thanks for reading...

Upcoming Races:

Sooke Sprint Triathlon, April 22nd
Times Colonist 10km Run, April 29th
ITU Ixtapa, MEX Continental Cup, May 12


Anonymous said...

Hey dude,
Your schedule sounds crazy! Good luck in the upcoming races. By the sounds of it, you'll be dominating this year. I have some bad news though. I've been informed that Lou's went out of business and that Mark's is no longer a bar. I think this means the end of the Tour de Kits... Use your anger as fuel for the rest of the season.


Wolfman said...

I can confirm that both Lou's and Marks are done. This means there is no more wall of weekly drink specials... A definite shame. I agree with JP sounds like a hectice schedule, but please be careful as to who you compare the wolfman to. He is an easily offended creature and once offended will not rest until adequate retribution has been had.