Monday, June 25, 2007

City of Champions Race Report

Edmonton World Cup

50 men toed the startline on sunday for the last ever Edmonton World Cup. I was ranked right at the back and was lined up on the far left beside A-Mac and Dano Wells. I had a great start and found myself right on Andrew's hip thru 50m. Then i think i let up a little to early into my race pace. I should have hammered it right up to the first bouy, about 300m in. First bouy absolutely insane, as coach said it picture a bunch of frogs in pond crawling all over each other and that was us. Battled thru that and from then on it wasn't too bad. Exited the swim at the back of a pack of around a dozen. Mistake #2 was exiting at the back of the pack, not the front. Being at the back of the pack made for an incredibly hard first 1km on the bike. In that km was the hill where i got popped and the race basically ended for me there. My body was on fire and i felt like i was on some hardcore drugs or something, dizzy, shaking...but i hung in... I ended up riding the bike with one other athlete who thank god also got popped. We shared the work but found ourselves losing minutes left right and centre. Two guys vs. 15 = K.O.

The run was not too bad considering the effort done on the bike. I tried to get some air time on cbc when the leader blew by me..cross the fingers for that. I finished the race 3rd last but really feeling that i learned some valuable things and will be able to spot them out before they happen next time:

#1) Go hard on the swim until the acceleration out of the first bouy
#2) Coming to shore to exit try to surge to the front of the group
#3) Need to work on climbing skills and first few km on the bike
#4) Run as if it were your last race

I can't see myself doing another world cup until my swim improves another notch to be able to make the second group. A swim focus in the fall is what coach has in order i think. Continental Cups is where i belong really and i've got a few a those lined up and looking forward to the next couple of months.

Thanks for everyones support and for my dad who drove all the way out to Edmonton to see the race and the fun ass kicking.


Mhairi said...

Way to go lil' bro...Mum and I watched you online. Good coverage of you working it (or geting worked?) on the bike. Dad was plsd to make it up there for you. So great you are persuing the dream, keep it up.

Stephen said...

big dawg...I was glued to the computer on Sunday...airtime on = absolute wickedness! You are a Fighter! way to go.

Wolfman said...

Loafnation... I was watching on too bad to hear you blew up on the bike although based on the times I figured something like that had happened because there was no way you'd be losing time like that otherwise. Good to hear you've learned lots and good luck with the rest of the race season! I'm still planning on getting to Kelowna to watch you race.