Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wasa Lake Triathlon Report

I raced for the third year in a row, the wasa lake triathlon out in Cranbrook this past weekend. This race is probably my favourite BC tri series race. It isn't the course that i like so much as the atmosphere and vibe the whole event has. The community really gets involved and they put on a great show.

This year I was gunning for the win, but knew it would be a competitive and hard race. Steve and I drove up on friday and arrived into Kimberely late to stay with a very good buddy of mine, Mr. Smurph, at his pad in the wilderness. Smurph and his family put us up to the nines and i'd like to give a big blog thank you to them all.

Saturday we checked out the swim loop and did a short bike and run with a few accelerations just to keep the blood moving. Steve had to have his campy cassette switched over to his race wheels which we almost ended up going to a bike mechanics dad house to have fixed but figured that we'd get it down just before package pick up.

Sunday was race day and it wasn't raining so things looked good. My swim went very well. I broke off the front after the first bouy and swam solo for the remainder coming out in just over 18'. Out onto the bike the legs felt strong and i got in the aero bars and gaver. Out and back bike, so when i made the turn around i realized why i felt so good on the way out. There was a good headwind behind me pushing my bony butt along. On the return leg, it was grind it out against the headwind. It fatigued me a bit and some of the stronger riders in the race caught me. Coming into T2 I was in 3rd spot and knew the run ahead of me would be hunting season. I pinned the first k and actually caught both of the guys (Paul krochak and Adam Jensen) ahead of me. The remainder of the race i ran for my life like a crazy chicken legged freak. I held on for the win and was so pumped when i crossed that line. My time set a new course record to boot which was a nice surprise.

My parents also made it out to watch the race which was great!


Var said...

Any action photos of you running like a chicken from Wasa?

Wolfman said...

Congrats Loaf, looks like your kicking ass and taking names. Too bad I wasn't in Van this week to at least meet up with you when you're out at UBC. I'm hoping to come down to Kelowna for the day to watch you race in the Tri there. Keep on keepin on

Andrew said...

Some chicken photos may come available courtesy of Mr. Smurph if he gets on it!