Saturday, June 16, 2007

Durance Dash

I seem to be saying this a lot but today was my new favourite workout. Thursday and Friday a part from training Steve and I were given the task of building two Transition racks for this workout and future ones. The racks turned out pretty good and the workout was killer.

Started off with a perimeter loop of the lake (about 800m). Then a couple of fast 50's and we were into the main set of 2x600m, 2x300m race pace. On the last 300m we exited the lake and did a T1 onto our bikes (hung nicely from the crafty racks). We then cycled about 2km which included a steep hill similar to the one on the course at edmonton. Andrew McCartney got away off the front and took the win with AP and I about 10s back. We then did a second one sans wetsuit. COld water made for a short 100m swim and then the same bike. Same result, A-Mac took it easily this time.

This workout was sooo fun and I hope we do some more this summer!

Just before dinner i did a 40' run oyo on my favourite loop to run in victoria, cedar hill golf course. It is about a 15' loop on cedar mulch chips. It feels like your running on a couple inches of foam, so springy. The loop, done CW also has a few short lung busters which keep you puffing. I did 20' WU, 12' tempo, 8' WD and a stretch.

Tomorrow is a longer base ride with a short run to follow. Should be a big group with all the athletes here right now from different countries before heading to edmonton.

The Des Moines ITU WC is tomorrow with the biggest cash purse ever in triathlon. $700,000 and a hummer H3 to the winner!

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David said...

Good Luck in Edmonton this weekend andrew!