Wednesday, June 13, 2007

UBC Camp

After Wasa we drove back right after the race to Vancouver back along the crowsnest highway. Lots of wildlife and turns later we arrived at UBC around midnight to meet Patrick.

Monday and Tuesday we trained at UBC with Juniour Team BC. Was nice to swim in the outdoor pool there and hit up some of the training routes i used while i was at school.


5km regeneration Swim, easy aerobic efforts
2hr Ride with some Steady state efforts (medium hard right!) thrown in.

Tuesday (My 25th Birthday)

4.5km Swim with some speed work (20x50 Easy/Hard) Paired up with Sharpie We swam neck and neck the whole set. We were able pull out a 29.8 on #8 as well.

90' Ride with 5 times up the spanish Banks hill.

B-lined it to the ferry and gorged out at the buffett. Between the 8 of us we dominated every aspect of that buffett.


Today i showed up at the OW swim at thetis without my wetsuit. Well i swam, but it was frigidly cold. I basically didn't stop swimming the entire time cause if i stopped i would freeze. I didn't realize how cold i was until i got out and downed a thermos of tea and jump in the car to crank the heat! Looking back it was a blurry swim and for some reason i remember doing a cool down. Why the hell would i need to do that!

A 90' ride followed and this helped. I threw on 5 layers and within half an hour i was warm and sweating.

This afternoon it was run time. Speedwork on lochside. 8x1km these felt good for just doing a race this weekend. I was holding 3:04-3:08's. 3x 200m and a cool down the day is done.

Big weekend ahead of training, i will keep you posted.

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