Saturday, June 02, 2007

Trot and a Swim

After a tough friday i was feeling pretty good this morning and recovered. We met at 8 at thetis for a 75' run in and around the lakes. Julien led the way thru some single track stuff which passes the time quickly on a base run.

Quick bite to eat and then we plunged into the lake for a ow swim workout. One small loop (700-800m) warmup, 2x75m starts and then 1x150m start Hard! Then it was a TT effort around the big island. This one went in the books as 16:04 for me with some navigational errors to boot. Very happy with the effort and found a good rhythm coming back. The big loop is somewhere around 1350m or so.

THat is it for today. Time to enjoy and the sun.

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Anonymous said...

how's them feet? still like shredded cheese too or all better? i better do the follow up for the doctors.