Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bowie blamed for Recession?

The Rolling Stone reported today that Sir David Bowie may be to blame for the present recession being felt worldwide...

Ziggy..No way man, but have a read here.

It is true there is a global recession though, but fortunately triathlon doesn't seem to have been affected by it yet. The number of ITU races for 2009 is up and there is more prize money. Kevin Collington, a US triathlete i've been racing the last couple years, did a post from the San Diego Union Tribune regarding this topic right here

Some of us from the centre ran an 8k this weekend on the peninsula. It was a fast field and it hurt! First good effort like that in a while though is bound to. THe plan is to race a 10k in two weeks and have a better, less hurting, effort there.

It sure is quiet around here right now, with half a dozen athletes and PK away racing. The rest of however are getting some great training in though. Now that the snow is gone cross rides are back on the menu du jour, often following a 6k morning swim with ample space (4x50m lanes with underwater video for about 8 swimmers!)

all for now.

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