Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My New Adopted Pull Bouy

At the conclusion of the christmas camp I lost my existing pull bouy. I was pull bouy-less thru the holidays so I just used the communal ones at the various pools i swam at. Now arriving back in Victoria, yesterday, I needed a pull bouy for practice this morning. So as PK is beginning to explain the workout I began to scavenge the deck for a float. I came across the perfect candidate.

Beat up, abused, homeless, and seemingly chewed by either a pool shark or water dog this pull bouy was ideal. No one would notice its vacancy and I could let it do what it loves to do best.

May my previous pull bouy serve its new owner as this one will serve me: letting me slack off and take the legs out of the equation.

Madonna and Angelina adopt kids, I adopted a pull bouy today.


Var said...

I guess if you ever get hungry now during practice you could just have a bite off of the buoy and you wouldn't even notice eh?
And what's up with The Count? Did you scoop him from home over the holidays?

A-Russ said...

Yes, the count was scooped up on the holidays...along with a few other companions who will make their debuts in the coming weeks.