Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Game

I knew the final game of the round robin between the US and Canada would be a good one so i made sure i was back from the ski hill in time to settle into the couch and enojy.

I didn't know that this game would be the best game I have ever watched....juniour, nhl, olympic....this was THE BEST! These boys on both sides were so fired up it was contagious and I rode the rollercoaster of up and downs throughout the game. The 3-0 hole we were in. Tavares getting us out of that hole. The hitting was unreal. THe cheapshot from the US bench, the mind boggling save by Tokarski and then the Tavares empty netter to seal the deal baby with pure strength.

Watching the game I took heart to PK Subban, something about his style and agressiveness at the blue line that hits home. I hope we can get a rematch in gold medal game or perhaps with sweden who look very strong crushing russka 5-0.

Juniour Hockey is the real deal. Passion, Fire, and for the love of the game. I'll remember some moments of this game this summer when there is 2k to go.

2006 WJ Vancouver, Swedish Fan for the Day

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Ben Hoffman said...

Hey Andrew,

Good to see you're still going strong too. I'll probably be up your way a couple times this season to race... maybe Calgary 70.3 or something in Vancouver/Victoria. All the best for '09.