Saturday, January 31, 2009

brazilian times

tomorrow we race here in brazil!!

travel down and prep has gone pretty good; jet lag is thinning and the heat is getting better. being able to just wear a speedo for 1/4 of the day and shorts for the rest is pretty convienent.

The hotel we are staying is right on the beach; and has a great breakfast each morning with my new favourite ; banana tarte.....mmmmm

The small beachside town we are in is Guarjua. Very close to santos, a large shipping port; and actually on an island i was told 5mins ago: being summer here right now it is pretty busy on the beach; but the town is for the most part a national holiday retreat; so i am still by far the palest person in a 50 km radius.

lunch and dinner are provided at a restaurant about a block away. Each night it is sort of surprise what we order as our portugese is non existant. i have been having fish most of the time as it is fresh and cooked with lots of capers; mmmmmm

all the teams stay together at the hotel and the guys are all really nice: The teams will all be competitive tomorrow; so it will be great racing:

3X 250m swim; 6k cycle; 1.3k run

the suits are tight like a tiger: i brought down some pre race speedos to get acclimitized for the real thing. you could say they acted sort of as a stencil before putting on the real deal: jp refused to reveal his manhood when we practiced in the surf on friday but now is suddenly flaunting himself to the chicas with race speedo...

it is a quick exit for us tomorrow after the race but our short stay here has been wonderfull and i think just what we needed to break away from some leg and arm warmers

ive been trying to upload photos for the last 30mins sitting here sweating but its not going to happen on this connection; i think the internet at the hotel is on brazilian time....


stevo said...

Do it up BIG DAWG.
Show them the POWER!

jocelyne said...

HI Andrew
thanks for the update. I didn't receive Jeff's email. Can you email me the time you are expected to arrive in Victoria on Tuesday so Ron can pick the two of you up.

Go Team Canada!!!