Monday, January 19, 2009

The NEW Chocolate Milk

Well, now that Rick Say has left the Pacific Sport Victoria Swim Centre there is no more chocolate milk in the pool fridge to sneak. Chocolate milk they say does the body good. But Black Strap Molasses does the body more good. Packed with more calories per buck, more sugar, more iron, and more magnesium, molasses is "the new" recovery drink. Sure only 1g protein per 100g but protein can be taken from other sources. Black Strap, chug one down!

The theme to 2009 so far has been rhythm and style. Finding a rhythm in whatever workout i'm doing, and being in the moment with that rhythm. Finding the rhythm translates to feeling smooth and fluid. Sunday's long run at Thetis felt great mixing it up on Mckenzie Creek in a good rhythm. Today however my legs were very sore, the lateral stresses from the twisty trails took it's toll.

Many people have been asking me when my first race is. Over christmas my response was..."I don't know I haven't looked that far ahead." Then came an opportunity I could not pass up...I will be racing in a little over 10 days in Brazil as part of the Canadian mens FAST team. Very short notice and still up in the air if our visa's will be processed in time but if things work out,myself and teammates Jeff Phillips and, Austin Horn will travel to just south of Sao Paulo to race on Feb 1st. The event is very popular there as Kerry Spearing ,who just raced in the womens event last week, can attest to. The race is a super sprint format of 3x(300m swim, 4k cycle, 1.4k run) with 15' rest in between sessions. As a team we are definitely an underdog, but that hasn't stopped the Arizona Cardinals from reaching the superbowl so we will roll with that.

Time to down a black strap before bed, some hard swimming to be done in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Loaf -- Good luck in Brazil if you get your visas approved. I'll be following your results, hopefully next time I'm back in BC we can get some xc skiing in. Good luck.